So you want to try the new COMLEX L1 2017?

Here we go.

Anything you’ve already marked in Basic Sciences or Organ Systems will persist; you don’t need to take any action on those sections. Beyond that, there are two ways you can transition to the new program: 

Clean Slate

In this case, open up your “COMLEX Level 1 - Legacy” tree and unmark everything in the OMM Fundamentals subject and everything in the Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine section:

unmark legacy omm.png

Then, flip over to the new COMLEX L1 2017 tree, open up the OMM section, and mark all topics there as current/past/urgent according to your current studies: 

new OMM tree_short.png

Starting the following day, you’ll have a brand new set of ‘Today’s To Do’s’ based on the COMLEX L1 2017 program.


Direct Transfer

If you want to be sure to continue your program with similar content marked - and want to understand how the old content relates to the new content - you can use our topic map to transfer your marks. 

Anything you’ve marked in Legacy OMM will need to be transitioned, and here’s how:

First, open two distinct browser windows and login to your Firecracker account. In one window, make sure you’ve got your COMLEX Level 1 - Legacy open. In the other, make sure you’ve got your COMLEX L1 2017 open: comlex_sidebyside_short.png


Next, use the topic-map in this Google doc to see what to flag in the new COMLEX L1 2017 program:

google doc 2.png

Each line shows how a topic in the Legacy COMLEX product relates to a topic in COMLEX L1 2017. In the example below, you can see that what was covered in ‘Barrier Concept’ in the old program is covered by Somatic Dysfunction Principles in the new program. So with your windows open side by side - unmark the old topic, and mark the new topic:

moving marks.png

Changes you make will be reflected in your tasks tomorrow. If you have more questions about this please contact us at or through the chat feature on the website.