It's that time again: a new year of medical school has begun.

If you think that Firecracker can help other students at your school...

You can set up a demonstration for your classmates. If you can help secure a time and place, we will provide lunch/dinner to accompany the demo - and everyone can try Firecracker for free.

We offer different demonstrations depending on the students, for example:

  • For new medical students: we show how to use Firecracker as a course companion - banking knowledge needed for courses like Anatomy and Neuroscince.
  • For Step 1 prep: we show how to use Firecracker and Firecracker Dedicated Test Prep in the months before your exam.
  • For clinical medical students: we review how to use Firecracker for Clerkships, NBME prep, and Step 2 prep.

We will provide a discount for you, and everyone at your school who signs up. if you'd like to learn more, let us know ↓