High Yield Topics on Firecracker

For the USMLE Step 1

This page is intended to layout the highest-yield topics on Firecracker - while it may serve as a guide to targeted subject and topic review during your dedicated prep, it should not replace your daily Firecracker study plan in 'Today's To-Do's'. Firecracker covers about 1200 topics for the USMLE Step 1. A 'topic' is something like: Inguinal canal. Inguinal canal is a topic in the sub-subject of the abdomen in the subject of anatomy, like so: Anatomy > Abdomen > Inguinal canal.



In this grid, each topic in the right-most column is linked to that topic page inside Firecracker. You must have a current Firecracker account to access these pages, and once there you can review the topic, quiz yourself on questions related to the topic, or mark the topic to add it to your Firecracker study plan. If you don't yet have a study plan, create one here: https://med.firecracker.me/signup

Subject Sub-subject Topic Name
Anatomy Upper Limb Brachial Plexus-Axillary Nerve
Anatomy Upper Limb Brachial Plexus
Anatomy Upper Limb Brachial Plexus-Musculocutaneous Nerve
Anatomy Upper Limb Brachial Plexus-Ulnar Nerve
Anatomy Upper Limb Brachial Plexus-Radial Nerve
Anatomy Upper Limb Brachial Plexus-Median Nerve
Anatomy Abdomen Abdominal Vasculature-The Celiac Trunk
Anatomy Lower Limb The Knee Joint
Anatomy Lower Limb Thigh: The Femoral Triangle
Anatomy Upper Limb Arm: Muscles
Anatomy Upper Limb Arm: Nerves
Anatomy Upper Limb Rotator Cuff Muscles
Behavioral Science Biostatistics Number Needed to Treat or Harm
Behavioral Science Biostatistics Specificity, Sensitivity, PPV & NPV
Behavioral Science Biostatistics Absolute Risk Reduction
Behavioral Science Biostatistics Precision and Accuracy
Biochemistry Cellular Energy Glycogen Storage Diseases
Biochemistry Genetics Inheritance & Pedigree Analysis
Biochemistry Genetics Cystic Fibrosis
Biochemistry Genetics Trisomy 21
Cardiology Cardiology Anatomy Coronary Arteries
Cardiology Cardiology Pathology Diagnosis of MI
Cardiology Cardiology Pathology Hypertension
Cardiology Cardiology Pathology Ischemic Heart Disease
Cardiology Cardiology Pathology Angina Pectoris
Cardiology Cardiology Pathology Complications of MI
Cardiology Cardiology Physiology Heart Auscultation
Cardiology Cardiology Physiology EKG Tracings
Cardiology Cardiology Physiology Electrocardiogram
Cardiology Cardiology Anatomy Cardiac Anatomy
Cardiology Cardiology Anatomy Arteries
Cardiology Cardiology Anatomy Veins
Cardiology Cardiology Pathology Aortic Dissection
Cardiology Cardiology Pathology Types of Shock
Cardiology Cardiology Pathology Rheumatic Heart Disease
Cardiology Cardiology Pathology Endocarditis
Cardiology Cardiology Pathology Cardiac Tamponade
Cardiology Cardiology Pathology Ventricular Fibrillation
Cardiology Cardiology Pathology Congenital Heart Defects
Cardiology Cardiology Pathology Valvular Heart Disease
Cardiology Cardiology Pathology Morphologic Changes of Acute MI
Cardiology Cardiology Pathology Chronic Ischemic Heart Disease
Cardiology Cardiology Pathology MI & ACS
Cardiology Cardiology Pharmacology Antihypertension Drugs: Vasodilators
Cardiology Cardiology Pharmacology Congestive Heart Failure Therapy
Cardiology Cardiology Pharmacology Anginal Therapy
Cardiology Cardiology Pharmacology Class II Antiarrhythmics (& Beta Blockers)
Cardiology Cardiology Pharmacology Antihypertension Drugs: Sympatholytics
Cardiology Cardiology Pharmacology Class IV Antiarrhythmics
Cardiology Cardiology Pharmacology Hypolipidemic Drugs
Cardiology Cardiology Pharmacology Class III Antiarrhythmics
Cardiology Cardiology Pharmacology Class I Antiarrhythmics
Cardiology Cardiology Physiology Cardiac Output & Pressure Measurements
Cardiology Cardiology Physiology Starling Curve
Cardiology Cardiology Physiology Factors Affecting Cardiac Output
Dermatology Skin Pathology Basal Cell Carcinoma
Dermatology Skin Pathology Melanoma
Dermatology Skin Pathology Blistering Disorders
Dermatology Skin Pathology Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Embryology Organ Development Pharyngeal Arches
Embryology Organ Development Pharyngeal Pouches, Grooves/Clefts, and Membranes
Endocrinology Endocrine Pancreas Type I Diabetes Mellitus
Endocrinology Endocrine Pancreas Diabetes Mellitus
Endocrinology Endocrine Pancreas Type II Diabetes Mellitus
Endocrinology Endocrine Pharmacology Diabetes Mellitus Pharmacology
Endocrinology Adrenals Cushing Syndrome
Endocrinology Adrenals Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
Endocrinology Adrenals Hyperaldosteronism
Endocrinology Adrenals Adrenocortical Insufficiency
Endocrinology Endocrine Pancreas Hormones of the Endocrine Pancreas
Endocrinology Endocrine Pharmacology Posterior Pituitary Pharmacology
Endocrinology Endocrine Pharmacology Anterior Pituitary Pharmacology
Endocrinology Endocrine Pharmacology Thyroid Pharmacology
Endocrinology Endocrine Pharmacology Adrenal Cortex Pharmacology
Endocrinology Endocrine Pharmacology Hypothalamic Pharmacology
Endocrinology Hypothalamic Pituitary Axis Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis
Endocrinology Thyroid & Parathyroid Thyroid
Endocrinology Thyroid & Parathyroid Hyperthyroidism
Endocrinology Thyroid & Parathyroid Graves disease
Endocrinology Thyroid & Parathyroid Hashimoto thyroiditis
Endocrinology Thyroid & Parathyroid Hypothyroidism
Endocrinology Thyroid & Parathyroid Thyroid hormone
Endocrinology Thyroid & Parathyroid Parathyroid Gland
Endocrinology Thyroid & Parathyroid Hyperparathyroidism
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Pathology Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Pathology Cirrhosis
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Pathology Acute Appendicitis
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Anatomy & Histology Retroperitoneal Structures
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Anatomy & Histology Abdominal Wall Layers
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Pathology Chronic Mesenteric Ischemia
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Pathology Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Pathology Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Pathology Budd-Chiari Syndrome
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Pathology Alcoholic Liver Disease
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Pathology α1-Antitrypsin Deficiency
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Pathology Hemochromatosis
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Pathology Carcinoid
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Pathology Hepatolenticular Degeneration (Wilson Disease)
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Pathology Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and Esophageal Cancer
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Pathology Cholelithiasis and Cholecystitis
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Pathology Colorectal Cancer
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Pathology Familial Colorectal Cancer
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Physiology Protein and Lipid Digestion
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Physiology Pancreatic Secretions
Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Physiology Bile
Hematology/Oncology Anemia Anemia (Overview)
Hematology/Oncology Anemia Sickle Cell Disease
Hematology/Oncology Anemia Anemia: Iron Deficiency Anemia
Hematology/Oncology Anemia Anemia: Megaloblastic Anemias
Hematology/Oncology Anemia Anemia: Thalassemias
Hematology/Oncology Anemia Antiglobulin (Coombs) Tests
Hematology/Oncology Anemia Anemia: Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria
Hematology/Oncology Anemia Anemia: Intravascular vs. Extravascular Hemolysis
Hematology/Oncology Anemia Anemia: Sideroblastic Anemia
Hematology/Oncology Anemia Anemia (Differential)
Hematology/Oncology Anemia Aplastic Anemia and Fanconi Anemia
Hematology/Oncology Anemia Anemia: The Anemia of Chronic Disease
Hematology/Oncology Hematologic Disorders Heme Synthesis and Porphyrias
Hematology/Oncology Hematologic Disorders Mixed Disorders of Hemostasis
Hematology/Oncology Hematologic Malignancies Multiple Myeloma
Hematology/Oncology Hematologic Malignancies Lymphoma: Non-Hodgkin
Hematology/Oncology Hematologic Malignancies Lymphoma: Hodgkin
Hematology/Oncology Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Leukemia: Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia
Hematology/Oncology Hematology/Oncology Pharmacology Warfarin (Coumadin®)
Hematology/Oncology Hematology/Oncology Pharmacology Prednisone
Hematology/Oncology Hematology/Oncology Pharmacology Fibrinolytic Agents
Hematology/Oncology Hematology/Oncology Pharmacology Antineoplastic Antibiotics
Hematology/Oncology Hematology/Oncology Pharmacology Imatinib
Microbiology Bacteria Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus)
Microbiology Bacteria Staphylococcus aureus
Microbiology Viruses HIV (Retrovirus)
Microbiology Viruses Herpesviridae - EBV (Epstein-Barr virus)
Microbiology Viruses Hepadnavirus (Hepatitis B)
Microbiology Viruses Hepatitis C virus
Microbiology Viruses Hepatitis
Microbiology Antimicrobials HIV Drugs
Microbiology Antimicrobials Cephalosporins
Microbiology Antimicrobials Vancomycin
Microbiology Bacteria Bacillus cereus
Microbiology Bacteria Shigella
Microbiology Bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Microbiology Bacteria Haemophilus influenzae
Microbiology Bacteria Helicobacter pylori
Microbiology Bacteria Vibrio spp.
Microbiology Bacteria Streptococcus agalactiae (GBS, Group B streptococcus)
Microbiology Bacteria Staphylococcus epidermidis
Microbiology Bacteria Listeria monocytogenes
Microbiology Bacteria Escherichia coli
Microbiology Bacteria Klebsiella
Microbiology Bacteria Bordetella pertussis
Microbiology Bacteria Salmonella
Microbiology Bacteria Treponema pallidum
Microbiology Bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes (Grp A Strep, GAS)
Microbiology Bacteria Campylobacter jejuni
Microbiology Bacteria Clostridia
Microbiology Bacteria Mycoplasma pneumoniae
Microbiology Bacteria Enterococci
Microbiology Bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis
Microbiology Bacteria Corynebacterium diphtheriae
Microbiology Bacteria Neisseria
Microbiology Bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Microbiology Fungi Aspergillus fumigatus
Microbiology Fungi Cryptococcus neoformans
Microbiology Fungi Candida albicans
Microbiology Laboratory Microbiology Gram-negative Bacteria
Microbiology Laboratory Microbiology Specialized Bacterial Structures
Microbiology Parasites Entamoeba histolytica
Microbiology Viruses Herpesviridae - VZV (Varicella-Zoster virus)
Microbiology Viruses Poxviruses
Microbiology Viruses Rhinovirus & Coronaviruses
Microbiology Viruses Herpesviridae - CMV (Cytomegalovirus)
Microbiology Viruses Rubella (German Measles)
Nephrology Nephrology Pathology Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS)
Nephrology Nephrology Pathology Kidney Stones
Nephrology Nephrology Pathology Renal tubular acidosis
Nephrology Nephrology Pathology Chronic kidney disease
Nephrology Nephrology Pathology Alport syndrome
Nephrology Nephrology Pathology Nephritic syndrome-PSGN (poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis)
Nephrology Nephrology Pathology Nephritic syndrome-IgA nephropathy
Nephrology Nephrology Pathology Nephrotic syndrome & systemic etiologies
Nephrology Nephrology Pathology Infection of the Urinary Tract and Kidney
Nephrology Nephrology Pathology Nephritic syndrome-RPGN (rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis)
Nephrology Nephrology Pathology Acute Kidney Injury
Nephrology Nephrology Pathology Nephrotic syndrome-Membranous nephropathy (membranous glomerulopathy)
Nephrology Nephrology Pathology ADPKD (autosomal-dominant (adult) polycystic kidney disease)
Nephrology Nephrology Pathology ARPKD (autosomal-recessive (childhood) polycystic kidney disease)
Nephrology Nephrology Pathology Nephritic syndrome-MPGN (membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis)
Nephrology Nephrology Pharmacology Loop diuretics
Nephrology Nephrology Pharmacology Thiazide diuretics
Nephrology Nephrology Pharmacology Potassium-sparing diuretics
Nephrology Nephrology Pharmacology ACE inhibitors & Angiotensin II receptor blockers
Nephrology Nephrology Physiology Acid-Base Balance
Neurology Neuroanatomy Arteries of the Brainstem and Spinal Cord
Neurology Neuroanatomy Arteries of the Brain
Neurology Neurology Pathology Intracranial Hemorrhage
Neurology Neurology Pathology Parkinson disease
Neurology Neurology Pathology Huntington disease
Neurology Neurology Physiology Cranial Nerves
Neurology Neuroanatomy Visual System
Neurology Neurology Pathology Nonviral CNS Infections
Neurology Neurology Pathology Guillain-Barre syndrome
Neurology Neurology Pathology Headaches
Neurology Neurology Pathology Spinal Cord Lesions
Neurology Neurology Pathology Viral Infections of the CNS
Neurology Neurology Pathology Stroke
Neurology Neurology Pathology Alzheimer disease
Neurology Neurology Pathology Other Causes of Dementia
Neurology Neurology Pathology Adult Brain Tumors
Neurology Neurology Pathology Seizures
Neurology Neurology Pathology Hydrocephalus
Neurology Neurology Pathology Multiple Sclerosis
Neurology Neurology Pathology Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Neurology Neurology Pharmacology Antiepileptics: Drugs of Choice
Neurology Neurology Pharmacology Benzodiazepines and Barbiturates
Neurology Neurology Physiology Motor Neuron Signs
Neurology Neurology Physiology CNS Neurotransmitters
Neurology Neurology Physiology Spinal Tract Anatomy and Functions
Neurology Neurology Physiology Spinal Cord
Neurology Neurology Physiology Aphasia
Neurology Neurology Physiology Cerebellum
Orthopedics & Rheumatology Autoimmune Pathology MG (Myasthenia Gravis) & LEMS (Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome)
Orthopedics & Rheumatology Autoimmune Pathology SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus)
Orthopedics & Rheumatology Autoimmune Pathology Infectious Arthritis
Orthopedics & Rheumatology Autoimmune Pathology Sarcoidosis
Orthopedics & Rheumatology Autoimmune Pathology RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis)
Orthopedics & Rheumatology Musculoskeletal Physiology Smooth Muscle Contraction
Orthopedics & Rheumatology Skeletal Pathology Gout
Orthopedics & Rheumatology Skeletal Pathology Osteomyelitis
Orthopedics & Rheumatology Skeletal Pathology Malignant Primary Bone Tumors
Pathology Neoplasms Oncogenes and Associated Tumors
Pathology Neoplasms Tumor Suppressors and Associated Tumors
Pathology Neoplasms Paraneoplastic Syndromes
Pathology Neoplasms Benign Tumors
Pathology Neoplasms Tumor Markers
Pharmacology Agents β-Blockers
Pharmacology Agents Cholinergic Agents
Pharmacology Agents Direct Sympathomimetics
Pharmacology Agents α-Blockers
Pharmacology Agents Anticholinergics: Muscarinic Receptors
Pharmacology Pharmacology Physiology G Protein Signal Transduction
Pharmacology Toxicology CYP450 Interactions
Psychiatry Psychiatry Pathology Personality Disorders
Psychiatry Psychiatry Pharmacology Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
Psychiatry Psychiatry Pharmacology Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCAs)
Psychiatry Psychiatry Pharmacology Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors
Psychiatry Psychiatry Pharmacology Traditional Antipsychotics (Neuroleptics)
Pulmonology Pulmonology Pathology Lung Disease: Obstructive vs. Restrictive
Pulmonology Pulmonology Pathology Pneumonia
Pulmonology Pulmonology Pathology Lung Cancer: Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Pulmonology Pulmonology Pathology Lung Cancer: Overview
Pulmonology Pulmonology Pathology Lung Cancer: Small Cell Carcinoma
Pulmonology Pulmonology Pathology Obstructive Lung Disease: Asthma
Pulmonology Pulmonology Pathology Upper Respiratory Infections
Pulmonology Pulmonology Physiology Oxygen - hemoglobin dissociation curve
Reproductive Reproductive Pathology Breast Tumors: Malignant Carcinoma
Reproductive Reproductive Physiology Menstrual Cycle
Reproductive Reproductive Physiology Pregnancy