How it Works - An Overview

Subscribed Firecracker members can participate in the referral program. You can join through the envelope in your dashboard:


Once joined, you'll have a special short link like: (example only) that you can share with other students. If someone purchases a Firecracker subscription through your link you will be awared a portion of their purchase price.

Here's how the rewards work as of July 2017: you will earn 25% of the subscription value for every new student you refer.

We're Partnered With Ambassador to Manage this Program

Firecracker has partnered with Ambassador to run the Firecracker referral program. Firecracker members may refer friends and colleagues to Firecracker, and receive a reward in return.

Who can participate in the Firecracker referral program?

Any Firecracker subscriber, except those with school issued accounts, is eligible.

Users who are under long term unpaid accounts through their school accounts are not eligible.

The person who you refer must be a new user, meaning they did not have an account in Firecracker before. 

We do not support self-referral. Existing users cannot be referred.

Users with existing Firecracker accounts who wish to purchase a new subscription can get a renewal discount rate at the link below:

How does it work, exactly?

Every eligible member of Firecracker has a unique referral link that they can share with friends and colleagues. When a new student clicks this unique referral link it sets a cookie on that student’s computer so that if that student purchases Firecracker anytime in the next day, the referrer gets credit. The tracking cookie does expire after 24 hours.

Note that if a new user has more than one referral link, the first link clicked will get credit for any sale.

Since this tracking is dependent on cookie tracking, ad-blocker software can break tracking. Advise your friends to turn off this software before using your link to subscribe.

How can I track my referrals?

Once you’ve picked up your link you will receive a welcome email with login details for your Ambassador/Firecracker portal at

If you believe you’re already a member of the program, simply reset your password with your Firecracker email and then log in.

Your portal will provide the following:

  • Your link, to use to refer your friends
  • Tracking of successful referrals
  • Commissions earned to date
  • Payouts from Firecracker
  • The user who referred you (if applicable)

referral desktop ambassador.png

The portal updates almost instantly, so it you do not see an expected referral, it’s most likely that it did not happen. We address this below.

I know I referred my friend, but I don’t see the referral, what happened?

There are a number of possibilities. The two most common:

  • Your friend was referred by someone else, and that other referred got credit
  • Your friend had ad block software turned on such that the system could not track the referral

If another user made the referral first, that stands. The system is working as intended on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.

If tracking is absent all together we'll work with you to confirm and apply the commission. Please get in touch with us on how to do this:

How do I get paid?

To provide time for internal reconciliation, we typically make payouts one month following the referred user’s subscription. We issue payments via Visa e-cards.

Visa e-cards that are delivered to the same address used in the Ambassador/Firecracker program. These gift cards work like credit cards, they have unique 16 digit numbers that you can use to buy things online.

We issue payouts up to 6 months after the referral. So if you refer someone in January, you will be approved in February and can get paid at any time between then and July.

You will be able to see commission and payout status in your Ambassador account, check ‘Commission’ and ‘Status’. If you have not received a completed payment, contact us at and we’ll help you track it down, or have it reissued.

We do not pay referral bonuses in cases where we have refunded the referred user, nor do we process refunds on subscription in cases where we have already paid a referral bonus. We provide for "lag time" between referral and payout to accomodate this.